Lancaster Engagement and Grandma's Pink House- Amanda & Danny

Amanda and Danny's Lancaster engagement session was so much fun!

One of my favorite parts about being a photographer is getting to tell stories. I think it's true what they say about a photo speaks 1000 words- but I've grown to love the blogging aspect of what I do because it creates a platform for me to tell my client's actual stories with actual words.  There's so much more to these photos than pretty lighting, cool edits, and "picture perfect" moments.  

Let me just share with you some of my favorite things about this session:

1. Amanda and Danny weren't originally going to do engagement photos, but they decided that they wanted to get some experience together in front of the camera before the wedding day (THE #1 REASON WHY I ALWAYS RECOMMEND DOING ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS WITH YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER) - I am so glad they did because LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE.  And by the end of the session, they both told me that they were happy they went through with it because they feel way more comfortable now after all! YAY! 

2. Amanda and Danny told me the story about how he proposed when I complimented her on her ring during the session. He didn't actually propose with her ring... he proposed with a RING POP. This got me thinking about how even though it's so cool to look forward to your wedding day as we all do from time to time, we shouldn't get caught up on the price tags and Instagram photos and materialism of it the end of the day, it's about truly and completely loving someone unconditionally, and that's what we really should celebrate. That's pretty awesome to me that they could have a good laugh about getting engaged with a ring pop and then go pick out something they loved together. All girls have to agree- it honestly just doesn't get any chiller than Amanda. 

3. Danny and Amanda met in Puerto Rice (OF ALL PLACES)- Amanda was there for family and Danny was just there for vacation. Danny met Amanda because he actually already knew her mom and grandmother. He literally met her grandmother first, who introduced him to her daughter (Amanda's mom), who introduced him to her daughter (Amanda). It was totally backwards! But SO awesome. Definitely meant to be- you don't hear stories like that everyday! I loved hearing all about how their relationship started throughout our engagement session together.

4. Speaking of Amanda's grandmother, I had the pleasure of meeting her when we ended our session at her cute little white and pink house. She automatically became one of the best women I have EVER met. Guys, when I tell you that she literally answered the front door (we showed up unannounced because she lived 3 minutes away from the park we were shooting at and figured it would be a good idea to get photos at her house since it was so cute) and gave us the biggest hug and said "I love you" to Amanda, Danny, AND ME with the biggest smile on her face- I actually wanted to cry. She was SO full of the light and joy and love. We walked in on her cooking a FULL on huge dinner meal and she invited all of us to stay! (Sadly, I had to head home since my commute was pretty far from Lancaster, BUT HOW STINKIN SWEET??) She barely spoke any English, so we were trying to talk to her in Spanish in her little kitchen as she was cooking. Even though we barely could communicate, she still managed to get out "I love you" to me twice, and I was just meeting her for the first time! Basically, I want to be her one day and that's that. You would too if you met her. SHE IS PRECIOUS and I'm so lucky I got to photograph such an amazing woman at the end of this engagement session!  

Congratulations, Amanda And Danny! I can't wait to photograph your wedding day this summer!