Genna & Jesse's Outdoor Wedding

I was lucky enough to photograph their engagement last summer (Click HERE), but getting to be their wedding photographer was unbeatable!

Where to begin. This day was so FULL. Full of pure celebration, laughter, genuine joy, and the end of a beautiful wait- these high-school sweethearts are finally married! The day started off at Genna & Jesse's new home where all FOURTEEN of Genna's best girls got ready for the big day. And not only were her girls there supporting her and helping her get ready, she also had her closest guy friends (also some of Jesse's groomsmen) there for some fun "getting ready" shots. I think  the best man's speech said it best when he reminded the guests how awesome of a thing it is to grow up in love together starting from high school, because then their friends are the same group of people. There was no separation of "her friends" and "his friends", because everyone involved was involved in BOTH Genna AND Jesse's lives. They have the same friends. That is a really beautiful thing to me! And it's also very beautiful that Genna and Jesse were able to have as big of a bridal party as they did. It really says a lot about your intentionality as a friend when you're able to love 14 bridesmaids/ 12 guy friends really well. 

They decided to have their ceremony and reception in one big place outdoors (my favorite type of wedding) and celebrated with ALL the family and friends they could think of; it was the best party. The thing I love most about this day is that Genna and Jesse's hearts were towards the people they loved in their lives so much and that they dedicated every moment to just having fun. To them, it wasn't even about them. It was about the faithfulness of Christ in their lives and the people who surrounded them throughout their dating season. It was about making sure everyone felt included and apart of something special. It was more about just pure fun and celebration and rest in total contentment- stress was not present at this wedding whatsoever. AND THATS WHAT ITS ABOUT PEOPLE. Being able to photograph and be apart of so many weddings has taught me to really look at what is important on days like this- and it really is ALL about enjoying getting to have everyone you love rallying around you and your best friend. It's about having the time of your lives. It is treasure to have found someone that will stand at the other end of the isle, waiting to say "Yes" to forever with you, and THAT IS ENOUGH. SO BRIDES (And note to my future self) - don't get caught up and lost in the Pinterest boards. Get lost in the JOY of getting to have a day that celebrates your love and the people that help you fight for it. Take funny getting ready shots with the groomsmen in silk robes. Play your best air guitar solo during a formal dance (See Genna and her Dad's dancing photos). Run through a field like little kids with your best friend. Crowd surf a little. Laugh ALOT. Genna & Jesse did it right! Your day was TRULY-in every way- beautiful. Thank you for trusting me to capture every part of it!


Of course Genna had her getting ready moments with her 14 bridesmaids, but she also needed her getting shots with her boys too.

The best intro: crowd surfing over your bridal party.