Field Lovin' and Summer Livin'- Nina & Justin Couple Session

When I sent Nina and Justin their photo gallery, Nina replied, "I felt like these photos really capture us as a couple because we always are enjoying life and laughing!" THANK YOU NINA. It is music to my ears when I hear feedback from my clients who value photography like I do in this way! Recently i've been really thinking about how sweet it is to get to capture the true essence of each individual relationship in an artistic way- unique to each couple just as they are unique! It was such a blast getting to photograph these two who hold a very special place in my heart. They truly are always enjoying life and ALWAYS laughing. They have an adventurous type of love and truly are best friends above anything else. I personally believe that this is the KEY to a good, healthy relationship/ marriage! So what better way to capture their adventuring spirits then to pull up to a good ol fashion field and tell them to "go frolic". 

absolutely ADORE these two! Here are some shots from our spring shoot together.