Hawaiian Couple by the Ocean - Anna & Luan

Another amazing shoot I was so thankful to be at in Kauai.

Anna and Luan have such a 1 in a million love story. Luan had been working at one of the nicest resorts on the island a few years back when Anna was there just on vacation with family. Luan was the pool boy and spotted Anna, and thought she was cute (and who wouldn't,?? She's adorable). He asked her out for ice cream and basically the rest is history. And now she lives on the island, married to Luan, and works at the resort where they first met.


So to me it makes sense that they were so playful and giddy the whole time we were shooting- basically their whole lives have just been one giant adventure together. And I loved that I can see that in these photos. Both of their upbeat and fun personalities was so CONTAGIOUS. You just want to be their best friends. Luan knows everyone on the island and is SO friendly that we stopped a few times during the shoot for him to say hello to everyone that walked by because he somehow knew them personally- one way or another. Anna was hilarious and kept us laughing the whole time. Oh and we can't forget about their sweet dog that they brought along for some pictures, Duke. 

I hope I can see these friends on the beaches of Kauai again someday. This shoot was another highlight for me. Here are some shots from our time shooting together!