Schylo & Chris - Engagement

How lucky am I to have Schylo and Chris as my subjects to photograph ?! (insert heart eyes). And not only are they my clients, but they have become such sweet friends over the years. Schylo has always been someone I've always looked up to from a distance- her servant heart is kind and so evident. She's got the greatest sense of humor and has me laughing every time I'm around her. Also, her beauty is intimidating- LOOK AT HER. She's going to be the most beautiful bride! This last year was when I met Chris; we serve together under the same ministry at Calvary Chapel. He has a heart for others, and just like Schylo, it is evident through all aspects of his life. Schylo and Chris truly make an incredible team. I'm so honored to photograph the beginning of their journey through life together as they further God's Kingdom.

And what an adventure it was photographing them. First of all, props to them (and quite frankly anyone who braves the winter months to take pictures with me) for being champs in the cold.

Aside from venturing around from abandoned buildings to all over New Hope in the cold, we made some "friends" in our first location that only Schylo could (barely) understand because they only spoke Hungarian. (Shout out to Schylo for being a boss and remembering some of the language from her Bible College days). By the end of the shots at the abandoned building, I think they wanted to take my job... they were posing Schylo and Chris for pictures and even asked for my camera to take a few shots themselves! (actually laughing as I write this). They even wanted a picture with Schylo and Chris, which they were totally great sports about. 

So we made some new friends, drank starbucks mid session, basically took over the  Lambertville bridge at one point, chased the sun, and the whole time I was loving every moment of being with these two!

Now here's a few from their engagement session! So excited to share these :)

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