Sarrie & Jake's Wedding

Where. to. start.


This couple. This wedding. These families. This venue. This location. This bridal party. THIS DAY. This Texas wedding celebrating the marriage of Sarrie & Jake coming together as one was breathtaking in every aspect. It's safe to say I cried multiple times throughout the day just because of HOW beautiful everything was. 

I'm truly grateful to get to do what I do- capture the most important day of two people's lives- the start of a new family and the beginning of two flesh and bones joining as ONE. It is a true honor to get to be the one who creates images that captures a day so impactful and beautiful. 

My advice to anyone who is getting married: WRITE YOUR OWN VOWS. When Jake and Sarrie did their first look, they read each other's written out vows and it was the sweetest thing to photograph. I can't emphasize enough how special it was.

My advice to girls- find yourself a guy who looks at you the way Jake looks at Sarrie. She was breath taking and you KNEW she was so valued by Jake just simply by the way he looked at her. I'm not sure it would have mattered at all if she came out to the first look and was wearing a paper bag- Jake ADORED his bride and if you know him, you know it's true. It's evident. 

My advice to guys- find yourself someone whose inward beauty remains timeless throughout life, even when outward beauty fades away. (But Sarrie, you are TRULY beautiful inside AND out! Seriously how are you real) Find yourself a woman of CHRIST and who will honor you like she honors the Lord. Then treasure her while you're patient to be with her.

These two have a love story that inspires everyone they know, and i'm so blessed to have been a part of this day! 

If anyone is based in the Valley View Texas area, look up The Whispering Oaks for a venue! They are brand new to the area and have a beautiful property to get married at!

Congrats Sarrie & Jake!