Caroline & Nazar

Let me brag to you a little bit about Caroline and Nazar. These two have to be a pair of some of the SWEETEST humans I've ever met. When we were done shooting together, I left with the biggest smile on my face from just getting to be with these two for a few hours. My couple clients are THE BEST. They make me so happy, and Caroline and Nazar are a perfect example of why I love my job. They were so much fun to document. They loved the raw and genuine moments like I do when shooting. These two are so connected in every kind of way you want two people to be who are committing to be together for the rest of their lives- and NOTHING makes me happier than a couple who is deeply, lovingly, sweetly connected. So proud of these two for being willing to do whatever for a fun picture. I had these two climbing things, laying down in fields and leaves in the cold, but they faced it like a champ and never complained! 

Congratulations Caroline and Nazar on your engagement, beautiful things are ahead of you two.