Cliffside Lovers in Kauai, Maddy & Trevor

Maddy and Trevor on the Shipwreck Beach cliffs of Kauai. 

Aka, MY DREAM COME TRUE of a photoshoot. 

When I tell you that I was basically screaming the entire time we were shooting, I’m not kidding. If you know me or have shot with me before, you know that I’m a pretty excitable person in general- but especially when were creating beautiful images and photo magic is happening! SO take Maddy and Trevor and put them on the cliffs of Kauai overlooking crystal clear blue ocean? Its safe to say I was having a field day. 

I have to take a minute and brag about Maddy and Trevor and Julia. Yes Julia. She’s not in any of the pictures, but that’s because she was behind her own lens taking photos as well! (I shared the details of how I met Julia/ how my Kauai trip came about in my Kauai blog post HERE) I mentioned it in the blog post already, but guys. Julia is an amazing wedding/ couple’s photographer based in Kauai- if you ever find yourself there, HIT HER UP. Here’s another link to her website HERE. So thankful for her- luckily she had set up this photoshoot with Maddy and Trevor (having shot with them before) before I got to the island.

Maddy and Trevor were so comfortable in front of the camera Julia and I barely directed them at all! They were naturals. Oh, and drop dead gorgeous humans. But not only that, they were some of the most genuinely friendly and most lovely people ever. They were such sweethearts. Everything about them just made you want to be their friend for life. We all just had a blast shooting together and getting to know each other! Maddy and Trevor have the cutest love story, which is really just their friendship story. They’ve been best friends since 6th grade and now they’re GETTING MARRIED. They plan to have a small wedding on the island with just their family this year. Yes, we all wish we were them. 

Oh and let me tell you, the Lord was with us this day. I had been traveling round the island with Julia the whole week before, and though it was good weather (especially compared to back home in Philadelphia where there was a huge snow storm happening) everyday was clouds clouds clouds. It was even suppose to rain the night of our shoot. But as soon as Maddy and Trevor met us at the beach, SUNSHINE for miles. It was the prettiest light we had the whole trip! PRAISE.

These pictures are some of my favorite photos I have EVER taken. I am so excited to be publishing these to the world. Now we can all drool over them together. Now check out how adorable Maddy and Trevor are on the beautiful island they call home!!