Kaela & Jonathan's Wedding

I met Kaela a little over 2 years ago at Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta, CA. I remember Kaela always talking about Jonathan since the day I met her... she was always so proud that she was dating him. I've always admired their relationship and how much they respected and cared for one another. Getting to watch Kaela and Jonathan from the side lines go from dating to engaged to married has been such a sweet experience and memory I'll have forever. 

I had the greatest honor in getting to fly out west to Spokane, WA to photograph Kaela and Jonathan's special day. This day had been anticipated by every single guest at their wedding, which was all of their closest family and friends. Everyone there was just overflowing with joy and relief that these two are finally married after dating for nearly 5 years! 

I think it's such a beautiful thing that I get to photograph the beginning of two lives joining together as one and the start of a family.... and it's exactly the word "family" that comes to mind when I think of Kaela and Jonathan. Not only their wedding but their entire lives have always been so focused and centered on Christ and Christ-loving FAMILY. It was truly such a sweet wedding to be apart of and witness. 

These two mean an extra special amount to me since I've gotten to watch their love grow and develop and mature. Getting married young is a beautiful thing to me because they get to continue to grow up and figure things out together, as best friends. Love you K and Jonathan! Congratulations on making it to marriage and having a beautiful day!