Kaela & Jonathan's Day After Session

Beautiful places and beautiful people. Always will be a part of my answer to what I love most about my job. every. time.

Getting the privilege to capture other's love is what makes me excited. No one even comes close to matching another's love story. Each story behind a couple IS WORTH BEING TOLD. Over the years, as my style has changed, developed, and is still becoming into one of my OWN, I've learned one thing is certain: my favorite style is a blend of documentary & journalism... the kind that gives you chills and takes you back and makes you feel apart of the moment the photo was actually captured. The type that TELLS A STORY. Not the posed, stiff, backdrop and fake lighting type of stuff. I love creating the type of images that make you feel something. The kind that captures personality, messiness, and REAL expression. I've become a firm believer that every couple not only has a story, but deserves to have that story expressed and captured in the way the exposes its unique beauty in its truest form.  I hope I can do this for people though photographs.

Kaela & Jonathan have a real type of connection that sent real excitement running through me as we photographed their "Day After" bridals. They were willing to get down and dirty as we took a Razor (basically the coolest quad thing- this mean/lean tree-eating, indestructible machine) up to the Washington mountains, even doing a bit of hiking IN A WEDDING DRESS AND SUIT NON THE LESS (You guys are insane and I love you for it. You're rockstars in the truest form). We had fun adventuring around taking these photos, which actually reminds me of exactly how their relationship is: their connection is so deep and so real because they don't take life too seriously. They love seeing and discovering God's beautiful creation and earth, they aren't afraid to laugh at themselves, they aren't scared to risk loving each other and OTHERS in general with full force- selflessly. 

After photographing this couple on their wedding day (wedding blog post here) and their "day after"s, I was so thankful that I was able to take this trip to Washington and deepen my love for what I've been able to make my career. A love like this makes me happy to be a documenter, capturer, & creator- in other words, a photographer. 

SIDE NOTE: if you're getting married and even considering doing day after shots, a word of advise:

DO IT DO IT DO IT. You will not regret it.