Schylo & Chris's Wedding

Schylo & Chris's day was pretty perfect if you ask me. 

This couple is what we call a power couple, or as the kids say, #couplegoals. They both have the sweetest hearts and dedicate their lives to helping others with their careers AND downtime. They love Jesus fiercely and are so easy to talk to and be around. Once again, this bride and groom made my day easy as a wedding photographer (i truly believe i have the best clients in the entire universe and don't even know the definition of a bridezilla because i have yet to meet one?? How am i so SO blessed). I loved every single little details that Schylo made and put together with her pinterest -like eye and style. It was so fun to photograph every detail, every moment, every person at this wedding. Let's talk about how though it was the middle of August and Schylo was wearing heels, we still RAN back and forth to the desired bridge spot we wanted to take photos at and the wedding venue about a mile apart. Yes, Schylo was running the streets of Philadelphia in the heat in HEELS as Chris ran with the back of her dress in hand, and had the biggest smiles on their faces the whole time. Or how they wrote the most beautiful wedding vows and had me wiping tears off my camera body because they were so moving.  Or how they crack each other up as their taking wedding photos. or how they are equally hilarious as they are the most chill couple you ever met. Now you see why I say goals. Here are some highlights from their August wedding! (Sometimes, I'm the worst with posting. But better late than never!)


Schlyo & Chris's Engagement Session HERE

Photography: Toni Valentini | Videography: Tony Defranco | Florals: Sara Silvesti |