hey, thanks for stopping by! 

I'm a wedding and portrait photographer based in Bucks County, PA. I've been shooting weddings since I was in 10th grade. My heart and soul comes alive when I photograph beauty and human connection in its truest, rawest form. 

Now let me REALLY tell you about me. People inspire me. YOU inspire me. And I want to capture your story. I've grown to know this about myself when it comes to photography: my favorite style is a blend of documentary & journalism... the kind that takes you back and makes you feel apart of the moment the photo was actually captured in. The type that TELLS A STORY. YOUR story. Not the posed, stiff, backdrop and fake lighting type of stuff. I love creating the type of images that make you feel something. The kind that captures your personality, messiness, and REAL expression. I'm obsessed with being able to do all of this through a lens and a camera. Beauty is in everyone, in everything, and everywhere because we were made by a beautiful Creator. I believe this is Jesus and I live to bring HIS name glory through doing what I love most: being with his creations and capturing them/it.

Another thing you should know about me: I love to travel! So let’s chat about creating together- no matter how far that takes us!