Summer Wedding at the Barn- Hannah & Azariah

Hannah and Azariah's day was one I'll never forget! It was truly such a beautiful day from start to finish.

Not only do these two have an inevitable, undeniable, unconditional love for one another, but the love in their lives over flow into every other relationship they have. This bride and groom are some of the most genuine, sweet, and loving people I've ever met. They're just the type that, if you know them, you love them. I mean, you just can't NOT fall in love with them. It's people like them on days like theirs that make me really fall in love with what I do all over again. Frankly, in a sense,  it was easy for me to tell the story of their day because they're love and lives really were/are a great love story. You see, this day was apart of their long journey to becoming one flesh that wasn't always an easy one to walk through. Hannah and Azariah were long distance dating for a good majority of their relationship- and we're not talking a few hours away long distance. We're talking, different countries for most of them knowing each other type of long distance. This alone speaks how committed their love has always been, and that is such a beautiful thing. In a world of constant change, they have found their constant in each other. Weddings are so awesome, but marriage is just a lot cooler. And Hannah and Azariah's BEST moments of their day by far were, in my opinion, the ones that were fully centered around the worship of their God who was forever joining their lives as ONE. The moments of being totally overwhelmed with joy that not only was the much anticipated wedding day finally happening, but a marriage was beginning. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have real, actual tears in my eyes for a good portion of the times they were crying too. IT WAS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL AND REAL. (Also, how can you not get emotional and so full of joy when you see Azariah's face seeing Hannah walk down the isle. THAT IS SOME REAL NICOLAS SPARKS NOVEL TYPE OF STUFF.)

Thank you for being such a dream bride and groom to work with, Hannah and Azariah! You two are so inspiring and such a joy. I feel like I have gained two wonderful friends since you decided to pick me as your photographer- and I am forever thankful that you trusted me to capture this beautiful day!  

Winter Wedding in the Snow- Rachel & Michael

Rachel and Michael's day was so sweet. 

I remember months leading up to the wedding day, the only thing Rachel wanted was snow for snow pictures. Every time we spoke prior, she always mentioned how hard she was praying for snow! And of course, it went the whole day without snowing... until the most perfect time! It started to snow right after their ceremony, and before we even got to family pictures, we both saw that it was snowing out and ran for the front doors with such child-like joy to go be in the snow! We had a blast taking those snow pictures- it was like the whole wedding day process had just froze (no pun intended) and we were able to genuinely just have fun and take Rachel's dream photos for her winter wedding. I'll never forget that moment of Rachel and Michael's wedding!

Personally, this wedding was really special for me to be apart of and photographing. I actually took Rachel's maternity photos 4 years ago when she was pregnant with her beautiful daughter Renee and I was just getting started with photography. It was so special for me to now see her little girl as one of the flower girls!

Michael and his little girl came together with Rachel and her daughter to make one beautiful, very happy family. What a love story! This day was so emotional and wonderful to be apart of. Thank you Rachel and Michael, for letting me tell your story!




Rachel's mother's wedding dress & Rachel's wedding dress.

Rachel's mother's wedding dress & Rachel's wedding dress.

Longwood Garden's Proposal with Bria & Tommy

Tommy proposed to Bria 3 days after Christmas (A little late to blogging this beautiful session, but always better late than never!) at Longwood Gardens. I can't stress enough how much OF A GOOD IDEA (BOYS) IT IS to have a professional photograph this moment! It's one that goes by quick but forever one of the most important and best moments this sweet life brings. Saying yes to forever with the one you love! I just love being able to have a job that puts people in love in front of me on a daily basis. It's truly beautiful.

Longwood Gardens is absolutely STUNNING and this was actually my second proposal I photographed here in 2017. It literally feels unreal and magical when you're walking through all the magnificently displayed plants and flowers! I would highly recommend doing professional photos here at the gardens, its so much fun and endless photo opportunity! 

Tommy and Bria - Congratulations on your engagement! You two are so sweet and evidently have a giddy-like, fun, genuine love. Thank you for letting me capture this moment and day for you both!

2017 Highlights & A Letter to 2018 Brides

Happy Holidays!

Thanks for stopping by to read and review my 2017 favorites! I wanted to share some of my favorite and most loved photos from this year because it was my favorite year of photographs to date. Both in my personal life and professional, 2017 was the year of unforgettable photographs. If you know me, you know how I am completely fascinated with what a camera can do- how it can capture a moment in time that is otherwise gone. I'm completely humbled that so many individuals have entrusted me to capture such precious moments in their personal history to keep forever. I'm discovering more and more with each year of growth in photography that my job is WAY more than just showing up to a shoot location and taking pictures. It's bigger than me editing photos and then delivering them to people. It's taking apart in individual's biggest, most life altering days- and then photographing the start of their family a year later. It's telling the love story of a couple- from engagement, to wedding, to marriage, to family. It's capturing the growth of a family year to year, and marking all the change through images. It's while living in a world that constantly throws comparison and discontentment in our faces, still being able to make someone feel beautiful. I don't want to just capture bride and grooms on their wedding day and never see them again. I want to photograph their anniversaries and pregnancies and kids. I've grown to love and care for each and every client of mine, and I truly feel so blessed so have had another incredible year of documenting, telling stories, and dancing with my brides at the reception. 2017, you brought some sweet memories. And now, I can not wait to continue to share in the joy of life giving celebrations, moments, and milestones with my 2018 clients!

And a note to 2018 brides,

I just wanted to remind you that your wedding day is something that will be the most beautiful day of your life. Not because of the flowers you chose, or the colors you pick out, or even the dress....though all these things will be wonderful, I'm sure. But this is the day that you enter into a lifetime of marriage with your best friend. I assure you, there will probably be things that don't go as planned on your wedding day. Your timeline won't be perfect. But the thing that will make this day the best is the love that you are celebrating surrounded by the people who love you most. I speak from experience and endless testimonies that this day is well worth investing in good photography. But brides, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Don't settle on your pictures for the cheapest option you can find. Don't leave it up your uncle who owns a DSLR camera. You will NOT regret getting someone you completely trust with a camera in hand to not only document the day, but who will help smoothly guide the day along because they know how a wedding day goes. You will NOT regret investing in an album that tangibly lets you hold on to the day you've put so much planning and effort in to. Whether you hand me the privilege of capturing all the big (and small) moments of your wedding day, or whether you decide to go with another photographer, PLEASE remember when photographing shopping what you want to show your kids one day. Remember what kind of prints you'll be framing a year later. Remember that you should go with who you think you'll fully invest in you as much as you invest in them. And to all my already booked 2018 brides- thank you for letting me be apart of this new coming year. I am beyond thankful, humbled, and just itching to tell your story.

Happy New Year!