Nicholas & Heather's Engagement

I grew up with Nicholas' family. Getting to photograph his proposal to his lovely lady Heather was truly something so special to me. Nicholas did an amazing job planning out this day. Not only was Heather completely surprised when he popped the question in a beautiful treehouse in Longwood Gardens, but HE GOT A PHOTOGRAPHER TO CAPTURE THE WHOLE THING ;)

 (hint hint boys) 

Everything about this proposal was so well thought out! This was my first time at Longwood Gardens and I was so excited when Nicholas called me and told me this is where he wanted to propose, because I have always wanted to go! AND IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT. Longwood Gardens in absolutely BEAUTIFUL. If you've never been, I highly recommend going sometime! And couples reading this- I'd advise you to consider having engagement photos done here at the Gardens. I was having a field day capturing all the endless beauty that is so photogenic around me! ;) Just saying. 

I love photographing proposals because it basically means I get to be an undercover spy for the day. The treehouse that Nick proposed in wasn't exactly the first thing you see when you walk into the park, so we had a bit of ways to go before we got to the designated proposal spot. So to stay hidden and unnoticed by Heather, I tried to keep my distance from them as I followed behind and tried to looking busy with taking photos of the scenery. When we got to the spot where he wanted to propose, there were a bunch of teenage girls behind me as I was shooting- watching Nicolas propose and screaming and clapping when Heather said yes! It was perfect timing that we had a little audience in the background cheering the couple on. We couldn't stop laughing about this the rest of the time. 

Once Nicolas and Heather were officially engaged, Nick's parents (who are the sweetest people on the planet and considered family to me) popped out from hiding to hand Heather flowers and congratulate them both. What a sweet moment to be able to photograph. 

Afterwards, having walked around taking some fun photos of the newly engaged couple, we stopped at a beer garden halfway around the park to rest and fellowship over some pretzels and lemonade. Life is so sweet when your job allows you to be a bit more intimate with what you're engaging in. (no pun intended). Needless to say, I was so honored to take these photos for a dear family friend of mine so that it's remembered tangibly. 

Here a few from the day! Congrats Nicholas & Heather!


Every once in a while, I get to photograph a newborn / in home session with a family and capture the very first memories made with a new baby to a new family.  but it's not everyday that I get to photograph a newborn who's baby shower I photographed months before the baby was born! This session is so special to me because I was able to capture the timeline of events leading up to and in the beginning of the start of this family. Photography is such a rewarding job in this way. 

Baby Violet, you are so loved already! Thank you for letting me document your precious little tininess. 

Beals Family

This family is so special! If you have ever spend quality time with this family, you will know what I mean when I say they have a unique kindness and respect towards one another and everyone else around them. Their two beautiful girls, Emily and Hannah, are true gems...inside and out! I'm obsessed with Emily's striking red hair, freckles, and bright blue eye features and how adorable and stylish Hannah is! Not to mention how encouraging and sweet their parents are. This family was a joy to photograph!

Griffith Family

I have had the honor of being friends with this beautiful, kind, and hilarious family for years now. As the Mr. & Mrs. went out of their way on their ride home from the AIRPORT to make our session, I had quality time with Brett, Avery, Justin, and Lauren...these amazing kids you see below. They genuinely have such a fun spirit about them when they are together. Their love for each other as a family never ceases to make me smile, as they always are making one another laugh. Here's a few from their 2015 session at Washington Crossing, PA.

Dowd Family

This is another family that faithfully gets their family pictures from me annually :) What a sweet thing for me to cherish. I love photographing this family who is SO willing and kind with me. Our golden moment: catching the MOST beautiful sunset at the end of our session. Here's a few from their 2015 family Autumn session.

Davey Family

What a wonderful, fun, hilarious, and adorable bunch this was to photograph! We came together and took the most prop filled, cozy autumn themed, smiley photos ever! I love this family. What a blessing they were. They even gave me some of their yummy homemade hot cocoa :) Here are some shots from their very big, very lovable family session this autumn. 

Sibling Love

These two were absolutely a pleasure to capture. They are just as sweet on in the inside as they look on the outside! What a fun time we had taking these. Being the oldest of three, I know that siblings are some of the greatest treasures God gives us on Earth. It was honor shooting their precious gift of each other. 

Sloan Family

The Sloan Family is a family I get to photograph annually. Photographing them every autumn so that they can update their Christmas cards is so much fun, but also such an honor. This family has encouraged me from the beginning to pursue my passion for photography. Their ability to love others and gift of encouragement is beautiful and inspiring to me. They hold a special place in my heart! Here are some shots from their family session of 2015.