Longwood Garden's Proposal with Bria & Tommy

Tommy proposed to Bria 3 days after Christmas (A little late to blogging this beautiful session, but always better late than never!) at Longwood Gardens. I can't stress enough how much OF A GOOD IDEA (BOYS) IT IS to have a professional photograph this moment! It's one that goes by quick but forever one of the most important and best moments this sweet life brings. Saying yes to forever with the one you love! I just love being able to have a job that puts people in love in front of me on a daily basis. It's truly beautiful.

Longwood Gardens is absolutely STUNNING and this was actually my second proposal I photographed here in 2017. It literally feels unreal and magical when you're walking through all the magnificently displayed plants and flowers! I would highly recommend doing professional photos here at the gardens, its so much fun and endless photo opportunity! 

Tommy and Bria - Congratulations on your engagement! You two are so sweet and evidently have a giddy-like, fun, genuine love. Thank you for letting me capture this moment and day for you both!

Nicholas & Heather's Engagement

I grew up with Nicholas' family. Getting to photograph his proposal to his lovely lady Heather was truly something so special to me. Nicholas did an amazing job planning out this day. Not only was Heather completely surprised when he popped the question in a beautiful treehouse in Longwood Gardens, but HE GOT A PHOTOGRAPHER TO CAPTURE THE WHOLE THING ;)

 (hint hint boys) 

Everything about this proposal was so well thought out! This was my first time at Longwood Gardens and I was so excited when Nicholas called me and told me this is where he wanted to propose, because I have always wanted to go! AND IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT. Longwood Gardens in absolutely BEAUTIFUL. If you've never been, I highly recommend going sometime! And couples reading this- I'd advise you to consider having engagement photos done here at the Gardens. I was having a field day capturing all the endless beauty that is so photogenic around me! ;) Just saying. 

I love photographing proposals because it basically means I get to be an undercover spy for the day. The treehouse that Nick proposed in wasn't exactly the first thing you see when you walk into the park, so we had a bit of ways to go before we got to the designated proposal spot. So to stay hidden and unnoticed by Heather, I tried to keep my distance from them as I followed behind and tried to looking busy with taking photos of the scenery. When we got to the spot where he wanted to propose, there were a bunch of teenage girls behind me as I was shooting- watching Nicolas propose and screaming and clapping when Heather said yes! It was perfect timing that we had a little audience in the background cheering the couple on. We couldn't stop laughing about this the rest of the time. 

Once Nicolas and Heather were officially engaged, Nick's parents (who are the sweetest people on the planet and considered family to me) popped out from hiding to hand Heather flowers and congratulate them both. What a sweet moment to be able to photograph. 

Afterwards, having walked around taking some fun photos of the newly engaged couple, we stopped at a beer garden halfway around the park to rest and fellowship over some pretzels and lemonade. Life is so sweet when your job allows you to be a bit more intimate with what you're engaging in. (no pun intended). Needless to say, I was so honored to take these photos for a dear family friend of mine so that it's remembered tangibly. 

Here a few from the day! Congrats Nicholas & Heather!

Jesse & Genna's Engagement

BOYS: make sure that this moment is documented for your girl. It's something you won't regret and she will be happy you thought of it! And I will be happy to hide in sand dunes or a close by bush! ;D (No, but really.) 

Jesse and Genna are the sweetest! I was so happy when Jesse reached out to me to photograph his proposal to his high school sweetheart. Congratulations guys! 

Beka & Chris - Engagement

Sweet Rebekah and Chris. 

I have to admit, these two are quite perfect together. Watching them interact together during this session was a real pleasure for me. They spoke so sweetly to each other and have an evident connection. Just like most couples I shoot with, they arrived at our meeting spot, nervous for pictures being taken of them. But like most people that get their photograph taken, no matter how uncomfortable they may start with feeling in the beginning, the more and more I work behind the camera with them, the more I start to see them open up and become comfortable. Letting loose a little and having fun. Their authentic selves start to shine through.  

However, even though Beka and Chris said they'd be awkward in front of the camera, not being used to having pictures taken, they were naturals. But it wasn't anything special I was doing to make it happen. They were having fun with each other. They made each other laugh. The comfort that they had in each other's arms shone through every photo I took.

 "You captured perfectly my love for him and how he makes me laugh!" was the rewarding reaction of Bek when she first saw the final product of their engagement session together.

What started off as their "nervous in front of the camera" selves turned into Chris whispering in Beka's ear at the very end why it is her that he chose to spend the rest of his life with. When I asked Chris to pull her in tight for a photo and tell her why she's his 1 in 7 billion, the reaction was outstandingly beautiful. It took my breath away to see real tears stream down Beka's cheek as she was the only one in the universe that was hearing the gentle words coming off of her soon to be groom's lips. This is one of my absolute favorite moments in my photography career to date. 

I absolutely can not wait to take part in capturing their wedding day this fall. Here are some of Beka and Chris's engagement session!

Schylo & Chris - Engagement

How lucky am I to have Schylo and Chris as my subjects to photograph ?! (insert heart eyes). And not only are they my clients, but they have become such sweet friends over the years. Schylo has always been someone I've always looked up to from a distance- her servant heart is kind and so evident. She's got the greatest sense of humor and has me laughing every time I'm around her. Also, her beauty is intimidating- LOOK AT HER. She's going to be the most beautiful bride! This last year was when I met Chris; we serve together under the same ministry at Calvary Chapel. He has a heart for others, and just like Schylo, it is evident through all aspects of his life. Schylo and Chris truly make an incredible team. I'm so honored to photograph the beginning of their journey through life together as they further God's Kingdom.

And what an adventure it was photographing them. First of all, props to them (and quite frankly anyone who braves the winter months to take pictures with me) for being champs in the cold.

Aside from venturing around from abandoned buildings to all over New Hope in the cold, we made some "friends" in our first location that only Schylo could (barely) understand because they only spoke Hungarian. (Shout out to Schylo for being a boss and remembering some of the language from her Bible College days). By the end of the shots at the abandoned building, I think they wanted to take my job... they were posing Schylo and Chris for pictures and even asked for my camera to take a few shots themselves! (actually laughing as I write this). They even wanted a picture with Schylo and Chris, which they were totally great sports about. 

So we made some new friends, drank starbucks mid session, basically took over the  Lambertville bridge at one point, chased the sun, and the whole time I was loving every moment of being with these two!

Now here's a few from their engagement session! So excited to share these :)

PS- @starbucks, hit us up if your looking for some cute advertising. 


Caroline & Nazar

Let me brag to you a little bit about Caroline and Nazar. These two have to be a pair of some of the SWEETEST humans I've ever met. When we were done shooting together, I left with the biggest smile on my face from just getting to be with these two for a few hours. My couple clients are THE BEST. They make me so happy, and Caroline and Nazar are a perfect example of why I love my job. They were so much fun to document. They loved the raw and genuine moments like I do when shooting. These two are so connected in every kind of way you want two people to be who are committing to be together for the rest of their lives- and NOTHING makes me happier than a couple who is deeply, lovingly, sweetly connected. So proud of these two for being willing to do whatever for a fun picture. I had these two climbing things, laying down in fields and leaves in the cold, but they faced it like a champ and never complained! 

Congratulations Caroline and Nazar on your engagement, beautiful things are ahead of you two.

Jewell & Rob's Engagement

 Rob approached me about a month before he wanted to propose to Jewell. When he told me he wanted me to be apart of capturing the moment, I practically cried and screamed up and down like a little kid on Christmas (but not too noticeably since Jewell was on the other side of the room, that was the hardest to contain all my excitement!) Rob & Jewell are some of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. Their hearts for Jesus SHINE through. I am so happy I was able to be apart of this very special day where Jewell THOUGH we would be taking pictures for fun...little did she know this would be their engagement photo session :D Good job, Rob ;)

Rebeca & Christian's Engagement

These two are naturals in front of the camera...they made my job easy! Thanks Rebeca & Christian for bearing the chilliness and taking pictures with me for a few hours so we could catch the sunset! Can't wait to capture your wedding day this fall! Love these two....here are some shots from our engagement session together!

Caitlin & Josiah Engagement

These two are a wonderful joy for me to work with. They hold a special place in my heart after going to Bible College in Murrieta, CA, and now my two lovely friends ARE GETTING MARRIED. They traveled all the way from New York State to visit the beautiful city of Philadelphia for their engagement pictures. I am so excited to be photographing their New York wedding in 2016.