Winter Wedding in Philadelphia- Liz & Anthony

Liz and Anthony got married on January 6, 2018. It was 6 degrees outside at the warmest part of the day. And yet, on the coldest day of the year, Liz and Anthony and all of the people they loved most in one room had the warmest love and energy you could imagine!

This day was one I was anxiously awaiting to document for months leading up to it.. Liz and I went to high school together, she was a few grades above me. Growing up, I always looked up to her and thought she was the coolest (still do) and always wanted to be her friend, but it wasn't until about 2 and a half years ago now that we actually did become friends! Our hearts easily connected over similar life situations we'd gone through and the rest is history. She is truly a gem, one of the funniest and easy to talk to people I've ever met. She has a huge heart for broken women and bringing the Gospel to them. So it only made sense that last year she found Anthony, a man who has dedicates his life to leading other to Christ through teaching the Bible. Together, they definitely are a power-couple who just love people well. 

I remember going to dinner with the two of them a while back to first discuss wedding packages and just feeling so instantly comfortable with Anthony as I had with Liz when we first became friends. They both just have such an easy-going, silly, and comfortable spirit about them. We ended up talking more about what God is doing in our lives than wedding day plans (though that came too, of course!), which needless to say, makes me love my job even more. I mean, getting to be around in-love couples who share your love for Jesus??? COMMON. Simply the best. 

This day was JOY FILLED and BEAUTIFUL in every way- who cares about 6 degree weather when you have hundreds of people celebrating the love between these two?! I was laughing with their bridal party the whole day, LIZ WORE A DREAMY WINTER GOWN, and everyone had a blast - it's one for the books for sure! 

Thank you Liz and Anthony, for being such inspiring friends and for trusting me to capture your day! Love you guys!


(( To see Liz & Anthony's engagement session, click HERE)

LOVE getting a photo with my brides! ;)