Jewell & Rob

I had the exciting thrill of photographing Rob & Jewell's actual engagement proposal last year, and this year, I got to photograph their wedding day. I love how photography gives me the ability to venture through people's different seasons of life, capturing all the big moments they want to remember for forever. 

Jewell's and Rob are probably the youngest couple I've ever had the privilege of photographing as bride and groom. Getting married in your youth is often times looked down upon in our society today, but I find it a real shame to those who fit in that category. This young couple knew EXACTLY what they were doing on their wedding day. This day was ALL about coming together before the throne of God and giving HIM  A  L  L  the glory. It was about unity and thankfulness and unconditional love. Commitment made in your youth is looking like the gift to have more years with a committed best friend walking through life with you rather than alone. Rob put it best when I asked him what his favorite thing about getting married to Jewell at a young age of 20 is: "I think it's wonderful because at this point in life, your early twenties, a lot of people are beginning to figure out who they are and who they want to be in life, but I am going through those very formative years with my best friend. So we grow into who we are meant to be together instead of separate". Jewell said a similar answer, "my favorite thing is that I have a best friend for life that I get to experience everything in life with!" These two FOUND IT. They have found what we're all looking for. I'm not talking about wealth or popularity or approval or temporary happiness, I don't believe that's the real one thing we all want as humans....the one real thing we need is LOVE. They have found it in first, our Savior and Risen King Jesus Christ, and secondly, in each other. And praise the Lord they were blessed to have found that at the young age of 19 & 20. You rock guys. 

Because this wedding was focused on such pure love and commitment, there didn't seem to be much stress at all as to all the rest. Jewell's made a naturally beautiful, STUNNING bride. She did her own make-up and flowers and most of her decor (I know, she's a boss). Rob made a handsome groom who just couldn't WAIT to see his bride all morning (que in "aww"s). I had a blast capturing every little detail and moment throughout this day, and I'm thrilled to be sharing their wedding day highlights with you here! 

Congrats, Jewell & Rob. So happy for you two!