Casey & Levi

As a photographer, I have to say honestly to you, there are FEW photos that I actually look back on and say, "hmm.. I'm really proud of that.". I'm definitely my own worst critic of myself in every area, ESPECIALLY when it comes to my art. So please read this right and KNOW that I am not coming from arrogance when I say I really love these photos. I had that "oh, I'm really proud of that" moment a few times during and after this session with these two. And quite honestly, not even because I'm a decent photographer. These two are magic to photograph and I'm so thankful they were willing to get up early enough for the sunrise to capture with me and give me those moments.   

Now disclosure: Casey and Levi are actually my best friends. So yes, I may be a TAD biased toward them when I say this was one of my favorite sessions to date. I obsess over these two daily... BUT I MEAN, LOOK AT THEM. You thought they were actual models, didn't you. Well they're actually a real life in love couple. Casey & Levi, I am so honored to be your friend. I admire your love so much. Your loyalty and friendship to me over the years is a true treasure I hold close to my heart always. I hope that these sunrise photos are something like that in return. Love you guys! 

These photos are the best to me because you can just FEEL their playful spirits and evident love. I'm committing to start playing more with my couples behind the camera and stop posing so much. It's the little moments of laughter and when toes hit the salt water and the veins in the hands of those who hold you and the way the sun hits the water when it comes up and the way wind moves your hair and dancing in the sand with your best friend that brings LIFE into an image.  I've fallen in love with photographing these things. This session, I purposefully took note beforehand to NOTICE more. notice details and notice emotional and connection and notice simplicity that often goes overlooked. I hope this session inspires couples to want to go capture their love authentically and honestly. It's that type of love that I crave to capture and thrive when I'm around it. 

Here's a few from our sunrise session together: