Beka & Chris - Engagement

Sweet Rebekah and Chris. 

I have to admit, these two are quite perfect together. Watching them interact together during this session was a real pleasure for me. They spoke so sweetly to each other and have an evident connection. Just like most couples I shoot with, they arrived at our meeting spot, nervous for pictures being taken of them. But like most people that get their photograph taken, no matter how uncomfortable they may start with feeling in the beginning, the more and more I work behind the camera with them, the more I start to see them open up and become comfortable. Letting loose a little and having fun. Their authentic selves start to shine through.  

However, even though Beka and Chris said they'd be awkward in front of the camera, not being used to having pictures taken, they were naturals. But it wasn't anything special I was doing to make it happen. They were having fun with each other. They made each other laugh. The comfort that they had in each other's arms shone through every photo I took.

 "You captured perfectly my love for him and how he makes me laugh!" was the rewarding reaction of Bek when she first saw the final product of their engagement session together.

What started off as their "nervous in front of the camera" selves turned into Chris whispering in Beka's ear at the very end why it is her that he chose to spend the rest of his life with. When I asked Chris to pull her in tight for a photo and tell her why she's his 1 in 7 billion, the reaction was outstandingly beautiful. It took my breath away to see real tears stream down Beka's cheek as she was the only one in the universe that was hearing the gentle words coming off of her soon to be groom's lips. This is one of my absolute favorite moments in my photography career to date. 

I absolutely can not wait to take part in capturing their wedding day this fall. Here are some of Beka and Chris's engagement session!