Rebecca & Matt

I had the honor of photographing Bec and Matt before for their wedding back in 2015. This couple is the definition of a power couple; they are incredibly kind and graceful in everything they do. They have a kid-like love for each other. They are patient for each other. They set so many more examples for what a couple should look like and be. 

I always get excited when a couple wants to do pictures in uniform. Not only do they make the best pictures ( I mean, come on ), but it's one of the greatest privileges I could have being a photographer. Matt, I thank you along with our country for your bravery, honor, and selflessness in your serving.

Some honest thoughts: I can only hope that I grow in capturing people's authentic emotion- expose the realness in relationships and make others feel something through viewing a photograph. From this session, I hope that you can feel how much these two love each other. Maybe even feel a small fraction of what it's been like for them over the years as Matt is away serving. The joy it is for Rebecca to hold Matt when he's home. The respect Matt displays towards his wife. The honor it was for me to photograph such a couple after reading this. 

Oh... and can we just talk about HOW GORGEOUS these spots are that we found during our session? Slightly....definitely....obsessed. with it all. 

Here's a selection from Rebecca and Matt's session: