Sydney's Senior Session

One of my favorite things about my job is how it allows me to get to work with so many amazing, incredible, inside and out beautiful people and getting to travel while doing it. I love exploring new places, and this year, one spot that photography brought me to was Kansas City, Missouri. Sydney and I shot her senior session together in this fall in an old, semi abandoned district with the coolest industrial vibe. The locals call it "The Bottoms". Needless to say, I kind of had a FIELD DAY shooting in such a cool location and with this GORGEOUS girl. Syd was AMAZING to work with. I pretty much let her do her thing while I did mine.... she didn't need to try to hard for me to get a good photo of her. I LOVE how photography can connect people almost instantly. We connected on a creative level (which I was so thankful for, she willing to go and do anything!) but also on a sweet, friendship level. She is SUCH a sweetheart gem and I'm very excited to be sharing this session with the world.

Also, just HAD to through in a photo we took real quick together at the end. Love when my clients take a quick snap with me at the end of a session. Love ya, Syd!