Nate & Evelyn - Engagement

Guys, take notes from Nate. He hired a photographer to hide in the bushes in order to surprise his girlfriend with pictures of his proposal and engagement pictures. WELL DONE, MY FRIEND. 

I went to high school with Nate a few years back and he has always had such a NICE spirit about him. Some people you can just meet right away and know that their heart is genuine. I felt that with Evelyn, too. I met Evelyn for the first time after I popped out after hiding and waiting for Nate to pop the question and immediately I could see how much of a beautiful and sweet person she is, inside and out! I'm so thankful I could connect with these two right off the bat. Nate and Evelyn have SUCH a sweet love and are crazy about each other. This is the kind of love people search their whole lives for, and they found it so early in life in one another. So happy for these two, and so honored to be the one who captured this life changing moment!

Congratulations Nate & Evelyn! Happy wedding planning! :)